Order a night taxi in Beauvais

Night taxi in Beauvais

Order a night taxi in Beauvais

Late or early morning trips after a busy night out or to catch an early flight may require the use of a night taxi service. However, it is not always easy to book a night taxi in Beauvais in these particular circumstances.

How to make the reservation? How can you be sure that the taxi will arrive at the agreed time? Are the rates in Beauvais different at night? To answer these common questions about night taxis and make your travels easier, here is our guide.

How to call a taxi at night in Beauvais?

Navigating at night looking for a taxi in Beauvais can be difficult, especially when demand is low and the streets are deserted. In such circumstances, it is natural to worry that one will not be able to find one to take home. However, there are simple ways to book easily.

The first option is to contact our reservation center directly At 06 07 74 08 69. You can also consult an online directory to find contacts for local taxi services. Furthermore, taxi terminals and reservation centers are also solutions for booking a taxi quickly.

Another increasingly popular alternative is to use a mobile application provided by many reservation centers. These apps allow you to book a taxi in just a few clicks from your smartphone, which can be particularly convenient, especially if you're used to using your cell phone.

How much does a ride cost at night?

Taxi prices in Beauvais vary depending on schedules, and it's important to know what to expect to avoid surprises. The night period for taxis in Beauvais starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m.. During these hours, rates may be higher than during the day.

For journeys within the city of Beauvais, nightly rates may be up to 30% higher than daytime rates. However, seek advice from our taxi company for accurate information on nightly rates. By planning your trips in advance with Taxi Pro 60 and by taking nightly rates into account, you can better manage your budget and avoid unpleasant surprises!